Terms & Conditions

Article 1 : Definitions

1.1 is an online store for cycling wear, casual wear and accessories and is the property of Decca nv, trading under the name Retrorouleur.
1.2 Retrorouleur is a registered trademark of Decca nv. All other brands that are mentioned in the online store belong to the respective owners. Decca nv with its offices at Oude Heirbaan 69, 9620 Zottegem, Belgium, holds distribution / sales rights for all products that are sold through the online store of
1.3 Goods can be consulted, after scheduling a meeting, at our showroom which is located at Oude Heirbaan 69, 9620 Zottegem, Belgium.
1.4 With the word ‘customer’, within these terms and conditions, we address every visitor of the online store, being a personal or legal entity, who orders products or services through the online store of

Article 2 : Application

2.1 The following terms and conditions apply for all orders and customers that Decca nv receives via its online stores.
2.2 Each order placed means that these conditions of Decca nv are accepted by the customer. A fulfilled online order form or a confirmation per e-mail counts as proof.
2.3 These general Terms and Conditions apply unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing between the customer and Decca nv.
2.4 Decca nv withholds all rights to adapt and update these Terms and Conditions throughout time, without prior notice to returning customers.

Article 3 : Agreement

3.1 The agreement is official from the moment that a copy of the online order of the customer is sent tot the e-mail address that the customer communicated on the online store. The customer and Decca nv expressly agree that the electronic communication about the order is the only legal binding agreement. The electronic documents (e-mail and online reports) from Decca nv are therefore the official legal prove of the arrangement between both parties.

Article 4 : Privacy

4.1 Within the framework of the collaboration, Decca nv will take all necessary precautions against the protection of the privacy of the customer. Decca nv will not use confidential or private information for own purposes or for purposes of third parties. All information received from the customer will only be used to/for: Correct processing of the order, verification of payments and delivery to the right address; Improvement of our service and the user experience of our online store, communication of special offers and promotions to the customers (if the customer specifically requested this).

Article 5 : The offer

5.1 All information concerning the products in the online store, pictures, illustrations, verbal or electronically distributed to the customer by Decca nv, are intended to describe the offer in the best possible way. However, Decca nv can not guarantee that all products comply exactly with this information. Deviations from this information are no reason to cancel the agreement or claim any form of compensation. If the deviation is beyond reasonable grounds, the customer should contact our customer service via within 14 days after the goods were received. If the complaint is accepted by Decca nv, a proper arrangement will be made to compensate the customer’s loss.
5.2 If the received goods deviate from the description of the goods on the online shop, and if this difference can reasonably be related to a typing error or a reasonable mistake, Decca nv can not be hold responsible to deliver the goods according to the mistaken description.

Article 6 : Prices and Payments

6.1 All prices on are in Euro, including 21% VAT unless mentioned otherwise. All prices exclude delivery costs.
6.2 Decca nv withholds the right to change the prices of the products at any time.
6.3 Delivery costs are not included in the price of the goods. Delivery costs depend on the size and weight of the order. Delivery costs will be charged to the customer and they are shown as soon as the customer proceeds to check-out.
6.4 Special offers are valid only during the period indicated on the website related to this offer.
6.5 Orders in the online store can be payed using a variety of credit cards and online bank transfer. Orders are sent / go in production once the total amount due is received on the account of Decca nv. If Decca nv has not received the payment within 5 days after the order was made, Decca nv reserves the right to cancel the order. The customer will be alerted via e-mail about this action. In case the customer did pay, the money will be completely refunded on the customer’s bank account.

Article 7 : Delivery

7.1 Retrorouleur products are delivered throughout Europe and in a range of other countries using the trusted services of Bpost, GLS, DHL, UPS and other professional logistics partner. Delivery costs are calculated based on the total order. Delivery costs depend on the size and weight of the order, as well as the destination. We mostly use entrusted delivery services from Bpost, GLS, DHL or UPS. If the customer wishes, optional insured delivery is possible according to the rate of the delivery service.
7.2 The customer is responsible to pay for eventual import duties or taxes that apply according to his/her residential country.
7.3 Standard stock products are usually delivered in Europe within 3-4 working days after the funds are received on the bank account of Decca nv, weekends and holidays excluded.
7.4 The estimated delivery time for personalized (custom) products is communicated with every product. Delivery terms for custom products usually vary from the standard delivery terms for stock products.
7.5 Delivery dates are informative and are not binding. Excessing the delivery date is therefore no legitimate reason to cancel the order. Delays during the execution of an order may never give rise to compensation or annulment of the order. Transport and possible insurance costs are always at the client’s expense, unless explicitly differently agreed. Goods are at the client’s risk as from the moment the goods leave the warehouse of Decca nv.
7.6 Deliveries outside the EEC are due to specific terms. Please inform yourself for more information about delivery to your country.
7.8 If a customer orders products with different delivery times, might choose to split up the delivery. Extra delivery costs due to this split delivery, are not charged to the customer.
7.9 Goods are deliverd to the address that the customer selected during the order / check-out process.

Article 8 : Ownership of goods

8.1 All goods become the property of the customer as soon as the funds are at our bank account and the delivery service picks them up at our office.
If the customer fails to accept the goods at the delivery address, all extra costs that may arise, are due by the customer. Transport costs and any other costs related to returning goods, are due by the customer.

Article 9 : Returns

9.1 If you wish to return or exchange a standard stock item, please contact Standard stock products can be returned within a period of 14 days after receipt of the goods., no questions asked. After receipt of the information, any items that are legible for exchange or refund, need to be sent to Sportune bvba within a reasonable time (4-7 days) after the exchange or refund was approved by Decca nv. Return costs are on behalf of the customer.
9.2 In case of a refund, the total amount will be refunded within 30 days after receipt of the returned goods. If the article was registered as a gift while purchasing at the shop, it cannot be exchanged for money. will send a gift certificate within 30 days after receipt of the returned goods.
9.3 Sportune bvba has the right to refuse returns or refund only part of the money if we suspect that the products were worn, washed or damaged by the customer. If this is the case, will contact the customer.
9.4. Customized / personalized products cannot be returned / exchanged. They are produced Custom/gepersonaliseerde producten kunnen niet geruild worden / retour gestuurd worden. Deze worden handgemaakt volgens de specificaties van de klant.

Article 10 : Intellectual property and explicit content

10.1 The customer acknowledges that all intellectual property rights of all information, drawings, models and claims related to the products and website of belong to Decca nv or their respective owners.
10.2 Intellectual property includes copyrights, trade marks, models and patents or any other concept including technical or commercial methods or concepts.
10.3 Decca nv can not be held responsible for any infringements a customer makes in using copywrited texts, brand names or registered trademarks which are not owned by the respective customer.
10.4 Decca nv reserves the right to refuse production of any customised product that contains:

* A company or business name, logo, or other trademark-protected material for which the customer does not own the intellectual property rights;
* Other people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization;
* Explicit violent or otherwise graphic content;
* Pornographic or sexually explicit content;
* Content that is intended to incite others to commit violence, mocks victims of violence, or includes a direct and specific threat of violence to others;

Article 11 : Ascendancy

11.1 If one or both of the parties are bothered, due to mastery, to fullful their duties, the agreement between the customer and Decca nv could be cancelled without any further consequences.
11.2 During the period of mastery, the parties could decide to delay the agreement or, if the delay takes more than 2 months, cancel the agreement without any further consequences.

Article 12 : Limitation of liability

12.1 Decca nv can not be held contempt for any damage, being it the company’s fault or due to a third party, unless the action it is the consequence of circumstances that are clearly the consequence of actions that ly within legal risks and responsibilities of Decca nv.