How does the customizer work?

  1. 1. Select the part you want tot change
    2. Choose color, font, …
    3. See the result
    4. Save the design, download it and/or share it with your friends
    5. Add to cart and go to check-out (or continue shopping)

Each piece is tailored to your personal taste. Once you order your personal Retrorouleur garment online, one of our passionate craftsmen collects all the fabrics and components and finishes this unique piece of cycling heritage for you. Within approximately 4-6 weeks, your personalized hand made jersey is ready to ship.

I would like to choose other materials, colors and fonts. Is this possible?

We have limited the options for online personalized orders to guarantee a correct delivery. For full custom orders from 30 pieces, a lot more options are offered. Check out our full custom page for some samples or contact us for more information.

Can I upload my own logo’s to put on the jerseys?

In full custom orders, you can use your own logos and fonts. To ensure that your logo is fit to get great results, we suggest you to contact our soigneur at

I like the vintage embroidery. I am ordering less than 30 pieces, can I order this vintage embroidery?

We use special machines to produce the vintage embroidery. Due to the labour intensive set-up cost for this tradional style, we cannot offer it for single products or really small quantities. If you order less than 30 pieces and you really want your personal text applied with this vintage embroidery, please contact us to discuss possibilities and pricing.

Are you planning other products and models in the future?

Absolutely! On top of jerseys, we are already planning the release of caps and other cycling accessories. If you encourage and trigger our designers, the Retrorouleur range will surely expand with new products. Do not hesitate to send us your ideas and suggestions.

Do you offer standard (not personalized) collections?

Aside of the bespoke products, we are regularly offering ‘limited edition’ products and collections that are only available during a pre-defined period or until all products are sold out.

Where are the products made?

All Retrorouleur products are designed and developed in Belgium. After approval of the samples, they are hand made by passionate crafts men in Belgium or other European countries.
Small series are produced in Belgium, larger series are mainly produced in Poland.